Selling your Story

Ask a creative person for a few ideas on how to promote a product, and they will likely be able to quickly rattle off several clever concepts without much effort. Ask them how to promote themselves and they will scratch their head and then begin pulling their hair out of frustration. Self promotion is one of the most difficult things a creative person must do. It is also the most crucial.

What separates the successful creative person flush with fame, fortune and a rewarding career from the struggling artist? It is not talent or luck. It is the ability to promote themselves and their work that gets them the exposure needed to stand out from the crowd and make it big, whether they are an author, actor, fashion designer, artist or musician. Self promotion is the key to success as a creative person.

When you take a look under the hood to see what makes us tick, it is easy to understand why self promotion is a common problem for creative people. For instance, right brainers (creative people) have a notoriously short attention span, and most books about marketing and self promotion are incredibly technical and boring. This guide changes that by being solution oriented, relevant and fun to read, anything but boring. It is chock full of entertaining (and educational) examples without all that marketing nonsense you find in many other places. This guide is specifically designed for the right brained, creative person who desperately wants to know how to promote himself and his work, even if that means you work in the corporate world and want to know how to get noticd and get ahead.

Creative people want to create. Many feel that promotion is both a waste of time and beneath them. Self promotion can be a creative endeavor, and this guide discusses how to make this necessary evil both honorable and easy. You will read about fresh, creative, offbeat and cost effective ways to promote yourself. If you maximize your creativity and craftiness, self promotion can be a right brained affair. This guide will show you just how to do that.

Most creative people are divergent thinkers, their minds skip from one new idea to the next, tending to wander. You can take this right brain trait and use it to make self promotion feel more natural. Being able to juggle several things at once can be a tremendous asset when it comes to promotion. We will discuss working in short bursts, and easily switching off from one promotional idea to another while making sure your efforts support and feed one another.

Often, the highly creative (and expressive) person will find it challenging when it comes to communicating and translating what they do. This Heroine’s Journey travel seminar not only helps you clarify what you do, but also shows you how to tell (sell) your story to others.  This kind of focus helps the multitalented creative person explain what they do clearly and concisely, which is vital to any promotion.

Emotion plays a key role in almost all creation, but it can get in the way of promotion. Rejection in the form of poor reviews, bad press, and a lack of support from a publisher or record label can be devastating. We will discuss how to detach and distance yourself from what you do to survive and thrive, even when it seems like the world is against you.  The tone of this Heroine’s Journey travel seminar is upbeat for a reason, somebody is going to get publicized, profiled and promoted, so why shouldn’t be you? You have worked hard and you deserve that recognition. You have to believe that. Yes it is difficult to make n in the creative business, but it is impossible with a negative outlook.

The biggest challenge facing the creative person is competition. It can be daunting when your read statistics about how many writers will actually have their works published or how many actors actually made a living at their creative business. That is precisely why this Heroine’s Journey travel seminar is so valuable. It shows you how to stand out from the crowd, start a buzz about your work, use word of mouth advertising to enlist raving fans, align yourself with VIP’s (very influential people) and create stories that sell when you are not around to do it yourself.

In short, by implementing the tips and techniques in this Heroine’s Journey travel seminar, you will blow the competition away with clever and creative self promotional strategies. You can use these ideas right out of the box or, and this is what i suggest, you can apply some of your creativity and build on it, or morph the promotional idea into something original. The information and ideas you will read about will work, if you work them. There are tons of ideas that you can use to promote yourself whether you are pressed for time or lacking in money (they are all in here). There is a part of the journey about how to make the rather daunting task of self promotion more manageable and create a right brain plan of attack.

One thing you can do right now is grab an index card or two and as you read, write down the self promotion suggestions you feel would work for you in your situation. Make a note of the things you are going to do right away on one card and on the other note the things you will do later. There are more ideas in this heroine’s journey travel seminar than even a master self promotor would use in a lifetime, which is why I want you to pick a few things you can do right now so you will see immediate results.