Show Off

Someone once said, “You have a better chance to be hit in the head with opportunity if you put yourself in the line of fire”. That is what this Heroine’s Journey travel seminar is about. Stumbling into success by putting yourself in a position to trip over it. If you do nothing … right, you get nothing.  Creative people have to keep moving. You can rest on your laurels or make a commitment to hunt for opportunities that show off your talents. Get out there and show off what you have got baby, because you are either moving closer to your dream or farther away, and it is up to you to chase it.

It is a fact of life that as writers we are now expecte to be promotable. The life of a modern day writer includes doing interviews, book signings, lectures and workshops. For some of us this is no big deal. Bring it on. But it is also a fact that many writers (and creative people) are reclusive. It is true, we need solitude to write and create, but our creations need us to get out there and promote the hell out of them. They deserve no less. We deserve no less.

You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it. Force yourself to step out a little at a time. The next time you have the chance to stand up and stand out, do it! It could be just the break you have been waiting for. Do it now or regret it later When you force yourself to get in there, good things can happen.

How Having a High Profile Helps

You never know who will be in the audience. Treat every performance as if your professional life depends on it. Blow people away, every time. Getting out and showing off sets off a positive chain reaction.  Maybe you have to go where the action is.  Another aspect to consider when deciding if you want to hibernate or come out of your cave is this: Not many people want to take a chance on an unknown. If you can build a track record and a following, it is likely the skeptics will take a closer look at you. See, once you get one gig, you’re likely to get another. I call it ‘breaking the seal’. Nobody wants to be the first to hire you, so get some experience under your belt, even if you start small. Stop practicing your art and start performing, publicizing and putting yourself out there.

Nothing is too small if there is a chance it could lead to bigger and better things (and most gigs have that potential). I will speak free of charge if I have the opportunity to sell books at the back of the room. If i can sell a couple of hundred books, I can make Euro 3000. Not bad for a few hours work. It is even better when I am paid to speak and sell books. Sometimes I will earn as much as Euro 10.000 for one day’s work.

The media will want you.  In many ways the media is pretty predictable. The love things that are controversial, have a human interest angle, and are timely and newsworthy. By getting out to do something in public, you are hitting almost all of the media’s favorite things. You and your event are newsworthy, timely, have human interest and depending on what you do, could be controversial.