Stories about Heroines

Stories about heroines are deep and eternal. They link our own longing and passion and pain with those who have com before in such a way that we learn something about the essence of what it means to be a creative professional.  The myths that can give our creative lives significance are deeply primal and archetypal and can strike terror into our hearts, but they can also free us from unauthentic lives and make us real.

Finding your own connection with such eternal story patterns provides a sense of meaning and significance in even the most painful or alienated moments, and in this way restores nobility to life.

This is why the myth of the heroine is so important in the contemporary world. It is a timeless myth that links us to creative people of all time and places. It is about fearlessly leaping off the edge of the known to confront the unknown, and trusting that when the time comes, we will have what we need to face our dragons, discover our treasures, and return to transform our world. It is also about learning to be true to ourselves and live in responsible community with one another.

In classical myth the health of the kingdom reflected the health of the King or Queen. When the Ruler was wounded, the kingdom became a wasteland. To heal the kingdom, it was necessary for a heroine or hero to undertake a quest, find a magic object and return to heal or replace the Ruler. Our world reflects many of the classic symptoms of the wasteland kingdom: famine, environmental damage to the natural world, economic uncertainty, rampant justice, personal despair and alienation and the threat of war and annihilation. Our ‘kingdoms’ reflect the state of our collective souls not just those of our leaders. This is a time in human history when heroism is greatly needed.

Like heroines and heroes of old, we aid in restoring life, health, love and happiness to the kingdom as a side benefit of taking our own journeys, findin gour own destinies, and giving our unique gifts. It is af if the world were a giant puzzle and each of us who takes a journey returns with one piece. Collectively, as we contribute our part, the kingdom is transformed.

 The transformation of the kingdom depends upon all of us. Understanding this helps us move beyond a competitive stance into a concern with empowering ourselves and others. If some people ‘lose’ and do not make their potential contribution, we all lose. If we lack the courage to take our journeys, we create a void where our piece of the puzzle could have been, to the collective, as well as our personal detriment.

The Heroine’s Journey