Testdrive your Dream Business

A Testdrive in your Dream Business

Yes, you can try your hand at the business of your dreams without risking your present job or business, your next mortgage payment, or your kid’s future. In Testdrive your Dream Business you will discover how meeting your rolemodels of past and present and their stories and spending a few days in creating your own story about you and the business you always wanted – can be the first step toward making that dream come true.


A two day journey in Paris to answer a universal anxiety: how can I find work that truly fits my talents, circumstances and interests?

At The Heroine’s Journey, we believe that everyone can find work to fulfil both their material and emotional needs. We specialise in equipping people with the creative tools required to discover and transition into careers that they will not only tolerate, or endure for money, but profoundly appreciate. This two-day intensive journey draws upon The Heroine’s Journey global expertise to answer the great, universal anxiety of our age:  how to finally find a creative business you will love. Whether you dream to be a designer, fashionista, actor or writer we will impart everything you need to know.

Formal education offers only meagre guidance in this direction. It assumes that we should simply follow our gut instincts – trusting that once we we’ve finished university we will feel a reliable pull towards a career that is right for us. We end up feeling let down, impatient, and frustrated. We judge our lives by ambitious new standards by which we are continually left to feel we have fallen short.

Conventional career counsel, meanwhile, tells us that our lives will best be rewarded by bold leaps into the dark under the instruction of simple psychological tests and brief consultancies. But real life doesn’t proceed in straight lines, and no one-hour, one-size-fits-all exam or session can direct an individual with any level of seriousness or focus.


Testdrive your Dream Business is a correction to this flawed reliance on instinct and generic prescription. It is neither a Myers-Briggs style personality assessment nor the equivalent to speaking with a recruitment consultant; it is a personal, uncomfortable heroine’s journey into your inner life, motivation and values and the confrontation with someone who does what you love to do. It recognises that our career choices are hugely important and consequential – and that, if we are to stand a chance of honouring our desire to find a job to simultaneously fulfil our souls and pay for our material existence, we will need to lavish concentrated brain power, time and imagination on its underlying complexities.


At its heart the vocational quest is not about fitting our previous work experience and skills to the readymade career options offered to us by the databases of career counsellors. Paradoxically, it’s not our direct past thoughts about work that are typically most useful in guiding us to new more fulfilling work – for our search is for work we will love, not work we have done. We should have the confidence to believe that large portions of a sound answer are already going to be inside us. Alongside likeminded people travelling in the footsteps of the story of Julia Child in our beautiful Paris, you’ll map your inner story, your needs and desires against the opportunities of the working world, and develop techniques to manage your transition into a career that fulfils them.


Revolutionary and practical, this hands – on HEROINE’S JOURNEY in Paris designed by Peter de Kuster – the founder of the Heroine’s Journey will help you mesh your working life with your deepest sense of self as you learn how to:

  • Plan a “Heroine’s Journey” of your own in any creative business
  • Build the skills and gather the knowledge you will need to embark on your new creative business
  • Overcome the fear of changing
  • Turn a layoff or other involuntary change into the opportunity of a lifetime
  • Design and create a dream business that doesn’t exist …yet
  • Manage a smooth, safe transition from your present job or business to your dream business
  • Minimize financial risk as you embark on your bold new life


Our heroine’s journeys have been designed to give useful insights around the big themes of creative heroines who want to make money doing what they love. You’ll be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and provided with space to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with other curious, open-minded individuals.

These journeys are designed by Peter and taught by him and his travel guides who work and live in Paris. They include a mix of lecture, conversation and travelling.  Optional homework is provided for those interested in further study.

DETAILS FOR SAT 11TH FEB and SUN 12th 2017


09.10            Welcome & drinks
09.30            Journey commences
15.45            Break (times vary)
17.00           Journey finishes


We start at the Shakespeare & Company bookstore and travel in the footsteps of Julia Child two days through Paris

This journey includes a free copy of The Heroine’s Journey by Peter de Kuster  

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