The Creative Life

Most stories about money management should include the disclaimer ‘This story may cause drowsiness and severe boredom’.  For some strange reasons left brainers who write about the financial world tend to complicate things by using stupid formulas, silly terminology and some really ridiculous ideas about what to do with your money. Why? My guess is, to make themselves feel important an useful (and to make us feel like idiots and incapable of dealing with this stuff on our own).

You are NOT stupid and you CAN do this without the help of a money chaperone. Just because you don’t understand their lame lingo doesn’t mean you don’t know anything about money. Some of your best assets as a creative, right brain heroine can be used to your advantage when it comes to making and managing money. When it comes to finances, thinking outside the box can actually be a good thing (within reason), and I believe the creative person has a lot of advantes over others in this area. All we lack is the knowledge about how money works so we can make educated (if not impulsive) decisions about what to do with our dollars. This guide helps to demystify money so you can manage it (effectively) yourself.

It is a simple truth that the more you learn (about money), the more you earn. I will show you a simple, straightforward, and creative approach to money management. You don’t have to deal with the details, but you at least need to know a little something about how finances work so you can make informed decisions. Many creative people are clueless about financial matters. Yet money is an integral part of the creative life whether you are awae of that fact or not. Having it can create a feeling of abundance, confidence, joy, validation, security, satisfaction and freedom.

The goal of this guide is for you to experience freedom. Freedom from financial ruin. Freedom from debt. Freedom from stress. Freedom from horrible work. To free your mind from money hassles so that you can do what you do best, create. To go from being financially dependent (on others, your day job, and even your work) to being financially independent through a brand new (healthy) story you tell yourself about money, along with proven techniques blended with some unorthodox ideas about how to earn, spend, invest and save your hard earned money. Without the worry or guilt that can sometimes accompany doing things that don’t feel natural or are out of alignment with your beliefs.

This guide is designed to help you make money with your creativity. (Make that a lot of money) And why not? You deserve it. If not you, then who should be reaping the benefits of your ideas, talents, and hard work? Someone is going to be paid big bucks and in my opinion it should be you. Then we will tackle how to manage all that money that they lavish on you without letting it slip through your fingers.

The answer is to take a businesslike approach to running your creative business. If you don’t or for whatever reason, lack of interest, lack of knowledge, or just plain neglect, the dream dies. How can we be creative with unpaid bills, little or no savings, debt and a myriad of other potential pitfalls hanging over our heads? The answer is: we can’t. Living a creative life is a unique challenge that is made more difficult because we must balance our need for money with sacrificing our artistic integrity. It is done with dignity all the time, and you can do it too.

To me, making money with my creative business is insurance against having to live a boring, normal, uncreative (and thus unfulfilled) life. Somewhere along the line, creative people pick up the attitude that being disinterested in money is noble. It is NOT easy to make money in the creative business, it is almost impossible when you aren’t even trying. I learned a little about the energy that surrounds money and how to harness it. I found it to be fun (yes, fun) to try to improve my financial situation. Then, with my finances on the way, I was able to focus and improve other areas of my life. That is what I want for you too.

We need to counteract some of the negative things we are always hearing about how hard it is to make money in the creative business.  I see also people who either ‘did not get the memo’ or made it anyway by saying ‘The hell with it, this is what I want to do, money or no money’ and made it. This guide is packed with positive stories of other creative people who have perservered and profited!

Don’t write off your chances because you have no formal education in this area, aren’t good with math, lack the ability to focus, and have done some dumb things in the past. Most of all, don’t accept the labels others may have put on you (flake, dreamer, starving artist). No matter how much or how little you make now, we can help you make more or, at least, better manage what you have. No matter where you are, you can either get out of it or improve upon the situation.

We will look at small simple steps you can make right away that will make an immediate impact on your finances. Managing money can be an enjoyable (doable) experience (surprise) and anyone can do it.