The Financial Freedom to Create

Ask an artist, a musician, an actor, or a graphic designer, and each and every one will tell you the same thing: To have the money to create, you have to be creative with your money. If you’re lucky enough to have found the perfect career for you, one that lets you showcase your talents and keeps your creative juices flowing, congratulations! However, Peter knows the dirty reality most of you are all too familiar with: Even when your creative juices are really flowing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that money is pouring in at the same pace. In The Heroine’s Journey in Paris, Peter offers a myriad of stories of Coco Chanel  with valuable advice for doing just that, including:

• How to know which of your creative talents are the most marketable and can earn you the most money
• How to take the “free” out of freelance and charge what you’re worth
• Why you should avoid the pitfalls of accumulating too much debt in
a lean time—and should always remember the importance of saving in a boom time
• Remembering that you can succeed in your endeavors without selling your creative soul
• How to find the funds to finance your dreams

Full of eye-opening facts, instructive anecdotes, and real-life stories The Heroine’s Journey in Paris is your guide to getting a financial life—so you can maintain your creative one.

Discover the eternal Coco Chanel, the legend and the life. Immerse yourself in the luxurious universe of Chanel Paris. Go inside Parisian high-end fashion at Chanel Place Vendôme and Rue Cambon with storyteller Peter de Kuster

Coco Chanel Paris atelier

Paris is truly amazing.

It’s a sumptuous ballet of style, elegance and class – the temple of high fashion.

And atop the temple sits the most legendary designer of them all – the eternal Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

Mademoiselle Chanel

Chanel is Paris, the incarnation of Parisian style.

So, imagine an intimate encounter with “Coco” enriching your Parisian story.

Purely magical, and perhaps the best conversation you’ll ever have.

Here’s why

Your Private Encounter with Coco Chanel,
the Legend and the Life

Peter will be your personal guide for this uniquely private Coco Chanel tour.

With Peter you’re guaranteed the best insider secrets.

  • Discover Coco’s life story in exquisite detail. Be inspired by her rise from humble beginnings to build a fashion empire, the exceptional house of Chanel.
  • Be awestricken by her tenacity in breaking through the male dominated world of fashion. Be empowered by how she revolutionized women’s wear and redefined womanhood, unchaining women from the tyranny of constraint. Celebrate her championing of the modern woman.
  • Go deep into understanding her signature style. Delight in decoding the symbolism of her emblematic pieces: the recurring lions, wheat motifs, shooting stars, the enduring camellia flowers and magical N°5, and the interlocking Cs of the world’s most memorable logo.

Chanel : Elegance and confort, thought for women

And of course, meet the incredible characters who populated her life – her lovers, friends, artists, and the rich and powerful.
Grasp why Chanel was the only fashion designer included in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th Century.

Enter the Heart of Chanel Paris

Immerse yourself in Chanel’s world. Live the experience seeing, touching, and sensing her signature in every creation.

Chanel footprint

  • Witness how Karl Lagerfeld pays homage to “Coco” in Chanel’s contemporary collection.
  • Discover why “every woman alive loves Chanel N°5” and how, whether you own it or not, we are all wearing Chanel.
  • Value the magic of each creation and grasp why Chanel is desired by women everywhere around the globe.

Delight in 2 fabulous hours absorbing just how “eternal” Coco Chanel truly is.

And here’s a taste of what you can expect …

Discover the Essence of Chanel in Parisian Luxury

Begin your adventure in five star comfort at the luxurious Castille Hotel.

Enjoy a refreshment as Peter opens the Chanel story.

Then trace Chanel’s footsteps into Place Vendôme. Absorb what inspired her so much about this iconic Parisian address.

Enter the Exclusive World of Chanel Fine Jewelry
at N°18 Place Vendôme

In VIP mode, go inside one of the world’s most opulent and innovative fine jewelry boutiques, Chanel Place Vendôme.

Indulge your senses. The famous Chinese Coromandel screens; cascading geometric chandelier in bronze and crystal; a rare portrait of Chanel.

Savor the latest stunning collection, Chanel’s 2015 Café Society rings. Witness Coco’s signature style: the Coromandel motifs; wheat patterns as prosperity symbols; astrological golden lions; the Camellias, her favorite flowers.

Make Your Pilgrimage to Where It All Began
at 31 Rue Cambon

Of course, no Parisian fashion experience could be complete without a visit to the ultimate Chanel boutique at 31 Rue Cambon.

This is the true heart of Chanel Paris, the most emblematic address in the Chanel story. It’s where it all began.

Revel in the impeccably presented and alluring creations of Chanel’s contemporary collection. Let your senses travel with the mythic fragrances, accessories, jewelry, watches, and prêt-à-porter styles.

In every piece Peter will highlight the continuity of Chanel’s signature.

Bring your Chanel experience to a climax standing before the legendary art deco staircase. It was here that Coco sat, surveying every room and gauging the desirous expressions of her coveted clientele.

For the Fashion Enthusiast and More …

This event will certainly send the Chanel fans and fashion enthusiasts into the happiness stratosphere.

And it’s also tailor-made for anyone who thrives on the inspiration of remarkable people who’ve achieved incredible success.

But above all, it’s simply perfect for those of us who love to indulge our senses and enlarge our outlooks with the finer things in life.

Be moved with pure beauty and, as you glide from Chanel Place Vendôme to Rue Cambon, perhaps you’ll catch a new glimpse of yourself in one of the many pristine mirrors – a new face of happiness and infinite possibility

Soak it in. Breathe it. Be inspired. Immerse yourself in the stunning class and elegance of this special event. Add a new and fabulous chapter to your unique Parisian story with Coco Chanel and the house of Chanel Paris.