The Guides and The Heroine’s Journey

  • Our story we tell about ourselves, our creative life and work and the world is defined by what archetype currently dominates our thinking and acting. If the Warrior is dominant we see challenges to be overcome. When the Caregiver is dominant, we see people in need of our care. When the Sage is dominant, we see illusion and complexity and strive to find truth. When the Player is dominant, we see ways to enjoy live in the moment, to the fullest.
  • Each of the twelve archetypes is both a guide on the heroine’s journey and a stage within it – offering a lesson to be learned and  a gift or treasure to enrich our lives.
  • Once we have openened to learning from all twelve archetypes we might experience them all twelve in a single day or hour. Suppose for instance something in your creative project goes wrong. For the first few minutes you do not want to look at the challenge (shadow Dreamer) but then your optimism returns (Dreamer) and you plunge into investigating the possibilities. Your next experience is to feel alone, but then you trust on your own capabilities. You marshall your resources and create a plan to deal with the challenge.  As you start implementing it, you also pay attention what you and others need.  You explore deeper new possibilities to solve the challenge (Explorer),  let go of rules and ways which don’t work (Rule Breaker) and make new commitments to change what you do, where you do it and with whom (Lover) in order to come up with a new creative solution (Creator).  You respond to the challenge as a way to grow creatively.  Once you creatively solved the challenge you also look to see how you might have contributed in creating the challenge (Master) so that you will know how to solve the challenge next time. This allows you to see what can be learned from the situation (Sage). It frees you up to go back to enjoying your life (Player) and trusting your Heroine’s Journey (Dreamer).