The Heroine’s Journey

  • The Heroine’s Journey is not just about finding a new truth, but about having the courage to act on that vision.  That is why heroines need to have the courage and care associated with strong ego development and the vision and clariy of mind and passion from having taken their heroine’s journey and gained the treasure of their true selves.
  • Heroines reach a ‘happy ending’ to their journey in which their ‘new renewing truth’ becomes manifested in the life they now live – it renews their own lives and the lives in their worl.
  • The happy ending is usually short lived. As soon as we return from one journey and enter a new phase of our ilves, we are immediately propelled into a new sort of journey; the pattern is not linear or circular but spiral. We never really stop journeying, but we do have marker events when things come together as a result of the new reality we have encountered. And each time we begin our journeys, we do so at the new level and return with a new reasure and newfound transformative abilities.
  • Knowing that you are a herone means that you are not wrong. You have the right mind. You have the right body. You have the right instincts. The issue is not to become someone else, but to find out what you are for. It means asking yourself some questions: What do I want to do? What does my mind want to learn? Where am I passionate about? What do i love to create in my work?
  • The rewards of self creation are great. When we create our own stories, everything seems to fall into place. We are able to see our beauty, intelligence and goodness. We are able to use them productively so we are successful. We are less caught up in proving ourselves, so we can relax and ove to be loved. We have everything to claim our full creative potential, our full Heroine’s Journey.


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