The Heroine’s Journey Ambassors

Looking to be a part of a growing project which educates, amuses and enriches creative professionals while you are earning extra money?


*    Bloggers

*    Social Media Mavens

*    Master Networkers

*    Change Makers

*    Tastemakers and Visionaries

*    Fashionistas

*    New Entrepreneurs

*    Connoisseurs



Apply to be the Heroine’s Journey guide in your city and obtain your affiliate links to promote the Heroine’s Journey products and services. Feature your story on our beautiful The Heroine’s Journey guide of your city with stories of heroines working and living in your city. In 2017 we will have The Heroine’s Journey city guides of five hundred cities worldwide. Stylishly promoted to over 200.000+ fans and followers of The Heroine’s Journey this year.  In 2017 we expect 1 million visitors to the Heroine’s Journey project website.


Engage and build relationships with other creative women in your city who you can invite in name of The Heroine’s Journey to tell their story on the Heroine’s Journey website. On the main page first and on the online Heroine’s Journey guide of your city.  You can offer these women the same experience you had yourself when i invited you to tell your story for the Heroine’s Journey website.

Invite creative heroines for the online Heroine’s Journey guide of your city. 

Looking to build credibility and relations in your city with creative, entrepreneurial heroines like yourself? The Heroine’s Journey Ambassadors  allows you to utilize the Heroine’s Journey invitation to women to share their story with the Heroine’s Journey to make connections. To be a representative of our brand and share our resources with your growing Heroine tribe in your city.

Be a preferred vendor of creative heroines in your city. 

Creative heroines in your city looking for help in career management, money management, time management, self promotion & branding,  organizing? We pride ourselves in building the best vendor list per world city who contribute to the grow of the business of creative heroines. When you are a website designer, can get them fit or heal their money woes and so much more, be a The Heroine’s Journey Ambassador in your city!

Make Money Together with Us Doing What You Love

Earn Commision on The Heroine’s Journey travel programs.

As a Heroine’s Journey Ambassador you have the ability to earn commission on The Heroine’s Journey travel programs in world cities.  You can share the The Heroine’s Journey programs on you social media. We provide the stories and you share them with your tribe. Once your lead participates in a Heroine’s Journey travel program, you earn up to 30% commission!  When you want to participate yourself in a Heroine’s Journey travel program with Peter de Kuster as travel guide you’ll receive a 30% discount.

                                                                                                                                                                    You want to be a The Heroine’s Journey Travel Guide yourself?   

You will co create together with Peter de Kuster a Heroine’s Journey travel program in your own city.  It is a 3 day program in Paris specific developed for The Heroine’s Journey Ambassadors. Your own investment will be Euro 2.490 excluding VAT.  In the 3 day program you learn how you can use your co creation with The Heroine’s Journey travel programs in your city to gain reputation, new relations and making money doing what you love in your city.  Enjoy offering new Heroine’s Journeys in your city together with us to up level the creativity, the entrepreneur skills of women, create new storytelling and self promotion habits, and learn new strategies to improve the life, entrepreneurship and money skills of women!


To apply to become a The Heroine’s Journey Ambassador, all you need to do is send Peter your story why you want to be a The Heroine’s Journey Ambassador in your city. And wait to be approved. The approval process usually takes 1 or 2 business days.
When you also want to apply to be a The Heroine’s Journey Travel Guide tell us your story why you want this and what your expectations are.

BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE…   The Heroine’s Journey Ambassadors Event December 1 Paris
The first 20 ambassadors are invited to join Peter de Kuster in Paris for a whirlwind tour of one day in Paris where you will meet Peter, each other and a range of creative heroines in Paris who like to share their stories of their passion for their work with you.  Join the Heroine’s Journey Ambassadors Club and learn more about this inspiring event.  It is free for ambassadors excluded your own travel expenses and beverage during the event.