The Heroine’s Journey Open

The custom ‘The Heroine’s Journey’ Open.

Peter de Kuster’s Flagship Experience… Now Customized for Individual Companies

In 2012, Peter de Kuster conceived of a business gathering that embodied his principles of telling stories, and that would attract like-minded creative women from companies large and small, near and far. Rather than waiting for the world to invent it, he decided to create and stage it themselves.  The one cardinal rule: it cannot be just another conference.

So was born The Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine’s Journey Open Creation On-Demand

The Heroine’s Journey lets companies customize the content and location especially for their own hand-picked participants. Personally directed onsite by Peter de Kuster, companies can now stage a customized two-day immersive storytelling learning experience on demand that exclusively serves their needs and objectives.

Companies pick from a list of 10 The Heroine’s Journey city options (or even choose a new one!) to serve as the stage for the learning, then work with Peter to select the content focus that fits their needs – in areas such as The Heroine’s Journey,  Making Money Doing What You Love,  Self Promotion for  Heroines,  Passion Never Retires, The Financial Freedom to Create,  Time for Heroines.


Learning Excursion and List of Top Ten Experiences will all revolve around storytelling that you’ve co-designed with Peter – yielding a one-of-a-kind outcome that is highly impactful for your participants. It’s rigorous “exercise for the brain” that changes perspectives on competition — and does not let minds snap back to their original shape.

The Heroine’s Journey can accommodate groups as small as 6 and as large as 38. Companies work with Peter de Kuster, then select their city as well as their content focus and participants. Over the course of a 60-day planning window, a customized run plan and all support materials will be produced to give the event all the accoutrements of a The Heroine’s Journey   

Explore the Possibilities of a Customized The Heroine’s Journey Open for Your Company.

For More Information

Consider what a two-day immersion in The Heroine’s Journey can do for your company and a team of key executives or clients. Call Peter at +0031 6 33661772 or email us directly at for pricing, availability, and scheduling information to explore the possibilities of a customized The Heroine’s Journey Open for your company.