The Story of Innovation


During this Heroine’s Journey delivered by Peter de Kuster and his team you will work with a variety of tried and tested storytelling tools to shape, structure, and optimize innovation within your organization. You will also explore and develop your role as a creative leader and complete The Heroine’s Journey Assessment that will provide unique insights about your present and new business story.

The Heroine’s Journey for Innovators is an impactful learning experience for executives and senior professionals who share a passion for innovation. You will be challenged to learn-by-doing and to come up with new ideas and solutions in small groups. Experienced facilitators will provide theoretical frameworks and continuous feedback to help you discover your strengths and development opportunities.

You will leave the Heroine’s Journey for Innovators with a toolbox filled with concepts such as Business Story Telling, Business Story Innovation, Rewriting your Story, and Startup Storytelling to apply in your own organization, as well as a deeper awareness of your role as leader.


Innovation by Asking New Questions


Thinking Great Quests and Breaking Myths


From Prototype Story to Scalable Powerful Stories


Make a difference in your organization by creating innovative stories, developing innovative business stories for scalability,  learning effective management of innovative projects, increasing the innovation output of your teams, and making real impact.

This Heroine’s Journey is designed for ambitious executives and senior professionals with a passion for innovation and the drive to lead and shape groundbreaking innovation within their organization.

Do you have more than 10 years of work experience and are you responsible for innovation? Are you involved in developing new products, services and business models within your organization? Are you looking for strategies and methods to come up with new ideas and develop successful innovations? This program is ideal for Innovation Managers, Strategy Managers, and New Business Development Managers.

There are a limited number of places available so sign up early to avoid disappointment.


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    Knowledge and experience in innovation processes for generating ideas and developing new business stories

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    An innovation toolbox with proven storytelling concepts and practices for application within your organization

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    The Heroine’s Journey Assessment with insight into the strengths and challenges of your business story

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    Improved skills in collaborative business storytelling

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    Peer coaching on challenges and personal advice for your specific situation

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    A network of intrapreneurs and experienced innovators

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    A look behind the scenes of the most innovative heroines in the world




October 31

November 1

November 2


-Regular rate for business participants € 2,850.00 + VAT

-Special rate for governments, trade associations and social enterprises € 2,550.00 + VAT

-Special rate for 2 colleagues from the same organization f€ 4.700,00 + VAT


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What are the program dates?

October 31, November 1, and November 2 2018

Where will the program take place?

The program will be held in Paris at locations connected with the great business innovator Coco Chanel

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In what language will the course be delivered?

The program is offered in English.

What are the program costs?

-Regular rate for business participants € 2,850.00 + VAT

-Special rate for governments, trade associations and social enterprises € 2,550.00 + VAT

-Special rate for 2 colleagues from the same organization f€ 4.700,00 + VAT

This price includes training facilities, catered breakfast, lunch and program materials. You are responsible for your own dinner and accommodation.

Are discounts available for teams?

Because learning from each other is a very powerful tool and becomes more effective with more colleagues, we offer a discount. If you sign up with two colleagues from one organization, the cost will be lowered per person.

Are tax deductions available?

Did you know that, under Dutch law, a self-employed person or employee can always make use of the personal deduction or tax deduction for study costs? This implies that the cost of education, taking into account a threshold on your income, can be deducted. In this way, the tax authority pays a large part of your education.

What is the class size?

During the heroine’s journey, you will be led by Peter de Kuster and his team in a small group between 2- 6 executives and senior professionals. The group is big enough to learn from each other and small enough to bring in your own cases to discuss.

How can I register?

Mail Peter at