The Heroine’s Journey for Leaders: Women Rule!

The Heroine’s Journey for Leaders. Women Rule!

  • Tomorrow belongs to women
  • Women practice improvisation with much greater ease than men.
  • Women are more self-determined and more trust sensitive than men.
  • Women appreciate and depend upon their intuition more than men do.
  • Women, unlike men, focus naturally on empowerment (rather than on hierarchical ‘power’)
  • Women understand and develop relationships with greater facility than men.

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The Call to Adventure…..

We acknowledge that a new, fluid world is emerging. But we retain our maile – inspired, male- dominated hierarchies.  We ‘reengineer’. But our storytelling, indeed our very vocabulary (‘lean’, ‘fintech’,  ‘engineering’) continues to be male-inspired. We recognize women’s ‘rights’. But we ignore women’s strengths. We value ‘toughness’. But we fail to see that women’s brand of toughness is far more ‘steely’ than men’s We preach the value of a new kind of enteprise. But we neglect those who are perhaps most fit to lead it. Namely: Women.

New Story.  I Imagine ….

A woman in the White House.  A woman as president of France. A woman as European Union President. A woman as FIFA or UEFA president.

A new epoch in which we all (men as well as women) honor, reward, and take advantage of women’s extraordinary strengths.

An enterprise doctrine that views women as much of the answer not only to the ‘talent problem’, but also to the ‘leadership problem’.

A world in which this seminar is …. Totally Unnecessary.

The Heroine’s Journey: Where the Talent is.

There is a Great War for Talent.  Great Talent is in short supply. And the supply will get even shorter … as the Age of The Heroine’s Journey and Creativity accelerates. ANd accelerate it will.

So can we afford to ignore half of our store of potential Great Talent?

Well… NO.

If we are serious about the pivotal role that talent plays in the Creative Economy then the connection in our stories between ‘talent’ and ‘leadership’ and ‘women’ must become automatic.

My core story here is really quite simple:

  1.  Talent is ever more important.
  2. Our stock of leaders fails to match the needs of the time
  3. Women are a woefully neglected source of talent (especially leadership talent and talent in male dominated areas like tech and finance)
  4. Women and men are different.
  5. Women’s strengths match the leadership needs of the Creative Economy – to a startling (and significant) degree.
  6. Ergo, women must play a huge part in solving the ‘talent problem’ or ‘innovation’ problem.
  7. Accelerating the movement of women into leadership roles is a … Strategic Quest ….of the highest order.

Practical Info

The price of this one day storytelling seminar is Euro 495 excluding VAT per person

30 May Paris  Hotel Lutetia

You can reach Peter for questions about dates and the program by mailing him at 


09.40    Tea & Coffee on arrival

10.00     Morning Session

13.00     Lunch Break

14.00     Afternoon Session

18.00     Drinks