The Heroine’s Journey in Film

When we visit the cinema we are sometimes lucky enough to find a film in which the character’s life feels somewhat similar to our own. Why are we drawn to these fictional narratives of other people’s lives? Why does cinema often ‘ring true’ and move us? What do so many stories have in common and can they help us to live more meaningfully?

Join Peter de Kuster as he revisits The Heroine’s Journey in Film in this extended six-hour journey through the movies in Rome. This special event is back with additional time to explore not only how film can help us empathise with others – but also how it can facilitate self-awareness and personal growth. It unpacks the ‘Heroine’s Journey’, a story structure and narrative form found across cultures, languages and faiths. Walking on places of famous movies in Rome this event will show how The Heroine’s Journey opens up a conversation about universal human truths, experiences and feelings.

Join us at Hotel de Russie in Rome to start this six-hour immersion where we will be guided through film segments designed to capture and unpack key stages of The Heroine’s Journey. Along the way we’ll have time to turn our attention inwards to explore our own inner heroine and reflect on who we really are, what we truly value, and where we’re going next. We will leave with an understanding of the relationship between heroism and human authenticity, as well as a clearer picture of how to draw meaningful connections from fictional stories to our own existence – connections that can nurture, console and provide guidance in our everyday lives.


Travelling in world cities with stories of the leading creative heroines of the city of past and present: writers, designers, architects, filmmakers, artists and other creators offer provocation, inspiration and consolation in the form of advice for creating a life and work you love.  Peter works together with a great team of travel guides for these Heroine’s Journey in several world cities. Creative people who live and work in that city.



Peter de Kuster is a story teller, writer and cinema lover who mashes the art of story with the science of passion and happiness. He believes that great tales are never just seen or heard, they are felt – and has devoted much of her life and career to understanding story, human passion and happiness- and how together they can change us.  His study into the power of storytelling sparked his interest in creating a new kind of travel ‘the heroine’s journey’.  Peter consults to a range of creative entrepreneurs; regarding what it is to thrive; what makes a great story; and how the two will play an increasing role in perhaps our most omnipresent form of storytelling today – creative entrepreneurship. Dream projects incorporate strategy, culture, ideas, and human happiness. Peter never lets much time pass before hitting the cinema, and he believes wholeheartedly that film, story and song have sparked more ‘aha’ moments than traditional coaching ever has.


10.00 Welcome and Introduction
10.30 Part 1
13.00 Lunch Break
13.30 Part 2
16.00 Journey Ends


General Admission: Eur 190.00