The Heroine’s Journey in Hollywood

A Testdrive in your Dream Business

Yes, you can try your hand at the business of your dreams without risking your present job or business, your next mortgage payment, or your kid’s future. In The Heroine’s Journey in Hollywood you will discover how meeting your rolemodels of past and present and their stories and spending a few days in creating your own story about you and the business you always wanted – can be the first step toward making that dream come true.

Revolutionary and practical, this hands – on travel program designed by Peter de Kuster – the founder of the Heroine’s Journey will help you mesh your working life with your deepest sense of self as you learn how to:

  • Plan a “Heroine’s Journey” of your own in any creative business
  • Build the skills and gather the knowledge you will need to embark on your new creative business
  • Overcome the fear of changing
  • Turn a layoff or other involuntary change into the opportunity of a lifetime
  • Design and create a dream business that doesn’t exist …yet
  • Manage a smooth, safe transition from your present job or business to your dream business
  • Minimize financial risk as you embark on your bold new life

Your Story about your Career 

Attention all creative heroines — even if your chosen profession is not the most traditional one, cultivating and growing a successful, financially rewarding career is still your goal. In The Heroine’s Journey in Hollywood we provide you with expert advice on overcoming some of the specific challenges faced by right-brainers who want a career that is both satisfying and successful.

Freelancers, those thinking about changing careers midstream, and creative people working in corporate environments need a set of skills that will turn their passion into a viable career. These skills include:
* How to chose the career that best suits your talents
* Setting realistic goals using right-brain techniques
* How to avoid the pitfalls that ruin a creative career
* How to schmooze your way to success
* How to create a business plan when you are the business
* How to be disciplined when you are your own boss

When you find an outlet for your creativity in the form of a career, you’ll discover a freedom in your working life that you can live with for the long term. You can follow your passion, build a brilliant career, and have financial security — if you know which skills to use. Let us show you the way.

Your Story about your Self Promotion

Are you a creative heroine who desperately wants to tell the world about your talents and your art but lacks the time, money, and know-how? The Heroine’s Journey in New York is full of clever and creative ideas you can use to successfully get the word out about who you are and what you do quickly, easily, and cheaply.

Everything you need to know about marketing yourself is included in this journey. The Heroine’s Journey in Hollywood is packed with proven techniques that will work for you whether you are an author, actor, artist, or accordion player who wants fresh, off-beat, and cost-effective ways to build a business or develop a successful and fulfilling career.

Full of winning strategies, innovative ideas, and proven sales and marketing techniques of heroines in Hollywood, we will show you how to go from starving artist to superstar status with smart advice, including:

* How to market without money

* How to create marketing materials that will sell you even when you’re not around

* How to build a buzz using word of mouth

* How to use the Internet in ways you never thought of to promote yourself

* How to get the leaders in your field to endorse and help you

Telling your Story is one of the most difficult things a creative person must do. It is also the most critical. Open this book to any page and chances are you will find something that can help you overcome this hurdle and get the attention and recognition you and your talents deserve.

Your Story about your Money

Ask an artist, a musician, an actor, or a graphic designer, and each and every one will tell you the same thing: To have the money to create, you have to be creative with your money. If you’re lucky enough to have found the perfect career for you, one that lets you showcase your talents and keeps your creative juices flowing, congratulations! However, Peter knows the dirty reality most of you are all too familiar with: Even when your creative juices are really flowing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that money is pouring in at the same pace. In The Heroine’s Journey in Hollywood, we offer a myriad of stories of heroines of past and present with valuable advice for doing just that, including:

• How to know which of your creative talents are the most marketable and can earn you the most money
• How to take the “free” out of freelance and charge what you’re worth
• Why you should avoid the pitfalls of accumulating too much debt in
a lean time—and should always remember the importance of saving in a boom time
• Remembering that you can succeed in your endeavors without selling your creative soul
• How to find the funds to finance your dreams

Full of eye-opening facts, instructive anecdotes, and real-life stories The Heroine’s Journey in Hollywood is your guide to getting a financial life—so you can maintain your creative one.

Your Story about your Time

Creative heroines often know all too well that the muse doesn’t always strike when you want it to, or when the deadline for your next brilliant project is creeping up on you like an ill-fitting turtleneck. Originality doesn’t follow a time clock, even when you have to. While conventional time management books offer tons of instruction for using time wisely, they are traditionally organized in a linear fashion, which just isn’t helpful for the right-brain mind. In The Heroine’s Journey in Hollywood we offers real stories of heroines for using the strengths of creative heroines like originality and resourcefulness—to adopt innovative time-saving solutions, such as:

* Learning to say no when your plate is just too full
* How to know when a good job, not a great one, is good enough
* Making “to do” lists that include fun stuff, too—that way you won’t feel overwhelmed by work
* Time-saving techniques around the house that give you more time to get your work done and more time to spend with your loved ones
* The keys to clutter control that will keep your work space and your living space neat

With these and lots of other practical tips, The Heroine’s Journey will help anyone, from the time-starved caterer rushing to prepare for her next party to the preoccupied painter who forgets when the electric bill is due, make the most of their time and turn the clock and the calendar into friends, not foes.

Choose your Travel Style. 

Travel solo:  you are travelling solo to 1 or more world cities and have meetings with 1 or more of your heroes & heroines. The costs are Euro 295 excluding VAT and excluding your travel and hotel expenses per meeting we arrange for you with a mentor.

Travel in a Group:  In this 2 day journey a small group of travellers  – between the 5 and 10 people  – will discover together with 1 or 2 Heroine’s Journey travel guides in a worldcity the Heroine’s Journey experience to explore their own story about themselves and their business. The group goes on a whirlwind tour with meetings with heroines from past and present in this city who link with their stories the concepts of The Heroine’s Journey to the application of ideas for your own life and business story.  Participants experience directly and first hand in meetings with rolemodels the passion, happiness and obstacles of being a creative heroine who makes money doing what she loves. You will be guided to extract the underlying principles which you can use in your own life and business. The costs of this travel program are Euro 2495 excluding VAT and exclusing your travel and hotel expenses.

The Private Tour:  you are travelling alone or together with the person with whom you want to start a business, or reimagine your present business. Five days in a world city with a The Heroine’s Journey guide. During this private tour you meet one or more of your heroes and heroines. The costs are Euro 7.500 excluding VAT and excluding your travel and hotel expenses.