The Heroine’s Journey in London

We have a range of courses for creative professionals and business leaders. All are designed to immerse you in London life and update you on the latest professional trends.

Our courses cover five topics:

— Create your own Legend.  Career Management for creative professionals.

— The Power of Your Story.  Rewrite your Story. Transform your Business and Life.

— The Heroine & The Outlaw.  Build a Great Brand with the Power of Archetypes.

— Commedia dell Arte.  The Story about Innovation.

— The Leaders Story.  How to have Impact with your Storytelling.

If you can’t find a programme that you’re interested in, please feel free to contact us at We’re always developing new programmes, so perhaps we’ll be able to meet your needs in the near future.

Travel London, Meet Your Heroines 

We believe that you can’t learn things in a classroom, so our talks and workshops are travelling London, learning about inspiring creative heroines in London of the past and  meeting the most exciting innovators in the present London. You will learn directly from their CEOs, founders, innovation directors and creative teams.

You will be able to see how other creative professionals create and tell their stories and organise their processes and space and this will help you to find the best way to work.

Current Topics, Deeper Stories  

The world is changing too fast and what was a hot topic last year might not be relevant in the next year. That said, the underlying deeper stories never change.  So we create our programmes every year to make sure we include the most interesting subjects and the most relevant creative professionals of today combined with the larger story of the universal and all times The Heroine’s journey.  This will give you inspiration for the new projects and ideas as well as help with your current challenges.

Connecting Heroines, Testdrive your Dreambusiness

Our programmes are all about connecting professionals from around the world. Not only will you meet the most influential creative professionals in the city, but you will also spend the week with a group of specialists from around the world that have similar experience to yours. This networking opportunities can bring you potential clients, partners, mentors and just useful connections around the world.


Upcoming programmes

Immersive 5-day experiences in London with talks, mini-workshops, meetings with the most inspiring, innovative, creative heroines at their place of business and roundtable discussions hosted by the founder of The Heroine’s Journey – Peter de Kuster. Sign up on your own or with your colleagues.

The Heroine & The Outlaw.  How to Build Great Brands with the Power of Archetypes. 5 days, 24-28 June 2019,  Euro 1995 excluding VAT

Explore all the new possibilities of branding with the power of storytelling.

Ideal for:

— Creative and design directors
— Brand managers and strategists
— Heads of marketing
— Graphic, digital and packaging designers
— Everyone who is passionate about branding

The Power of Your Story.  Rewrite your Story, Transform your Creative Business and Life, 5 days, 12-16 August 2019,  Euro 1995 excluding VAT

Meet the creative heroines behind the most successful innovations in fashion, art, literature, design, music and the stories they tell themselves about their life and their creative business. Lectures and practical workshops for creative professionals

Ideal for:

— Creative and design directors 

— Brand managers and strategists

— Heads of marketing
— Freelance artists, writers, designers, actors, musicians, etcera
— Heads of marketing
— Graphic, digital and packaging designers
— Everyone who is passionate about personal development

Business Storytelling and Innovation Week, 5 days, 16-20 September 2019,  Euro 1995 excluding VAT

A programme for entrepreneurs, business owners and service designers – uncovering the latest approaches to business storytelling and innovation.

Ideal for:

  • – CEOs, CIOs and business owners
  • – Heads of design and innovation
  • – Product managers and team leaders
  • – Service and experience designers
To ask a question or request more information or reserve your spot at the program email Peter

Interested in a custom training for your business?

We can also create a tailored learning solution for you conducted in London. We will advice you on places, meetings creative professionals, story lines to deliver an immersive learning programme with workshops, talks and strategic sessions for your team.


1-7 days, all year round

Programmes in the following topics:

  • — Business Storytelling and innovation
  • — Your Client’s Story
  • — The Power of your Story
  • — The Leader’s Story
  • — What is Your Story? Brand Strategy
  • — The Story Difference. Employee engagement
  • — Storyselling for Creative Professionals.