The Heroine’s Journey in Tech


Although women have been able to access the tech business in growing numbers in the last decades, very few women have reached senior leadership positions in the world of tech: women occupy fewer than 20% of Chief Executive positions in tech; at Chair or President level, this number falls to well under 10%.  The opportunity for improvement is therefore substantial and especially so when compared with other industries.

And yet we know that in tech – like in other walks of life – individuals, organizations and societies reap copious benefits when women reach leadership positions. Having more women in leadership positions in tech has a strong correlation with higher participation in tech education by girls and young women.


The Heroine’s Journey is launching The Heroine’s Journey in Tech bringing together the next generation of women leaders in global tech.  The program is open to women from all sectors who work in global tech.  So, for example, a corporate executive working in the tech business; a social entrepreneur working on women and tech; or a business coach in a key global tech organization, as well as individual founders of tech startups .

Together, 30 participants will embark on a six-month intensive leadership journey, consisting of three in-person modules woven into a rich learning environment created by peer and expert support and virtual learning. Designed to support women to build off their intrinsic strengths, the program will give participants the tools, skills, and knowledge to excel in their own leadership as well as to drive the inclusion of women in tech at all levels going forward.

Participants will leave the program with greater self-awareness of who they are as leaders, as well as enhanced skills to lead others and a greater capacity to lead positive change in the complex organizations and systems within which they operate.



The Heroine’s Journey in Tech program will train and support the next generations of top female leaders in Tech.


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    Empower and support talented women with ambitious leadership aspirations in global Tech

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    Increase the share of women in Tech leadership positions

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    Foster diversity and inclusion within Tech

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    Spark a thriving movement in Tech where focus is placed on personal and collective action to affect change


The program is in its early stages of its conception.  We have identified a real need for the program and have a big aspiration for its potential impact.  We hope to launch the program in the first half of 2019.

If you are interested in participating or helping to spread the word about the program, mail Peter de Kuster at to join our squad.


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