The Heroine’s Journey Keynote

A The Heroine’s Journey keynote speech introduces the corporations, associations, and conference audiences of creative, passionate, entrepreneurial professionals to important concepts that will engage their creativity and challenge their passion. Peter has a rich and highly developed journey experience in these cities that compliments and enhances the ideas and frameworks of the Heroine’s Journey.  Story Telling and Story Questing by Peter typically run 60-90 minutes but can be adjusted to client needs.

Each experience is highly customized, highly interactive thanks to the discovery of their own story of partipants and reflects the industry and priorities of the client. Exploratory conversations with key client executives prior to the speech, along with research into the company and its industry, help tailor content. In each speech, Peter offers his latest thinking on the subject area and shares the insightful exemplars, stories and questions that best suit the audience. Informal Q&A sessions supplementing the speech can also help promote greater interaction and understanding.

All speech topics can also be adapted to a breakout session or workshop format (either half-day or full) with facilitated individual and group exercises.