The Journey

Meeting people who have your dream business – just for one hour or one day – empowers you to take action to find or create your own dream business.

Partly it is the learning, the concrete knowledge you gain about the desired business. Partly it is the mentor who holds your hand, boost your confidence and offers help. Partly it is the contacts you make, which make taking the next steps easier.

But above and beyond those practical things, there was something else: the Heroine’s Journey experience awakened and energized something deep inside them. It connected them with the truest part of themselves, a part that had previously felt dormant and that, once awakened, refused to be ignored.

You know – if you are considering a dream business – that the push toward a dream business is not just about how you spend your working hours. It is about meshing your work life with your deeper sense of self. It is about having work that matches your values. That feeds instead of exhausts you, that does not require you to leave your priorities at home and check your heart at the door. When we imagine a dream business, we imagine a business in which we are fully ourselves, in which our hearts and minds are equally engaged.

This engagement is what people feel during “The Heroine’s Journey” experience.  And once they reconnect with that deepest sense of self, few are willing to return to their status quo.