The New Year’s Eve Heroine’s Journey


Our New Year’s The Heroine’s Journey brings together the very best of our programme.

You’ll embark on a rich and enlightening voyage, discovering how to make lasting, meaningful change across every aspect of your life. By working within a fixed group led by Peter de Kuster over the week, you’ll dive deeper than would be possible in any single class. You’ll be challenged to think deeply about the issues that matter most for you as creative heroine, and provided with a space to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

The journey is ideal for those seeking a more meaningful, transformative vacation; for creative heroines who enjoyed the stories on our website who now wish to take a structured journey through our expertly curated material; and for those wishing to save time in the long run by working through the dilemmas of work, love, and self in a single, high intensity week.


Blending tuition, exercises and discussion, each day of the New Year’s Intensive will equip you with tools and strategies to help you find answers for one of life’s big themes: be it love, work, legacy, character, family or the future.


Day 1 focuses on how to grow the things that really matter in life. You’ll explore why self-knowledge of the story you tell yourself and the role you play in it matters and how to get more of it, and gain a deeper understanding of your story and the values and ambitions that drive you.

Day 2 you’ll learn to face adversity and emerge stronger and more resourceful. We’ll study exercises for building resilience and learn to harness the benefits of powerful storytelling writing and philosophy.

Day 3 focuses on strengthening relationships with lovers, family and friends.  You’ll learn how to make love last, relate to your family and communicate better with the people who matter most.

Day 4 concentrates on the challenges of finding and sustaining creative, meaningful work you love, whether you’re looking to find a more fulfilling career or stay at the top of your field. And you’ll learn how to stay focused and manage the whirlwind of your digital life.

Day 5 you’ll learn to realise your creative potential and see new possibilities in all of your endeavours. We’ll bring together the week’s lessons and consider how to make a real difference to our own lives and the wider community.



About The Heroine’s Journey

Our intensive travel seminars provide an opportunity to work with Peter de Kuster and his team of travel guides, all creative heroines themselves over the course of a highly structured day session.

Day journeys are limited to 22 travellers and will be in the heart of Paris

Ticket costs Euro 950 excluding VAT per person (includes all teaching, materials, light refreshments & additional activities)

Details for Mon 2ND JAN 2017

Your Travel Guide

Peter de Kuster is founder of the Heroine’s Journey & Hero’s Journey project. He is a storyteller, travel guide and writer who guides people to rewrite their autopilot story to a more authentic, goal directed, richer and passionate story which fascinates them. A story which gives them energy and flow experiences every day of their life and work.




09.30 Breakfast
10.00  First Journey
13.00  Lunch break
14.00  Second Journey
17.00  Local drinks

Place to meet at the first day:  Shakespeare and Company bookstore.

For more information or making a reservation contact us at