The Power of Travel

There are a lot of creative jobs for people with no paper credentials. I learned the most important skills by practice, by travelling and playing around.

We place too much emphasis on formal education, and not enough credit is given to the people who get out there and do something. Many creative people are impatient with traditional forms of schooling and are consumed by a need to be working in their creative business. So they make something happen.

Your education and technical know how become obsolete faster than potato salad on a hot summer day. the answer is continuous training, ongoing learning. You will need to brush up on your skills and travel to stay current. That means YOU take responsibility for updating your skills through conventional or unconventional means.

Travel as much as possible when it comes to opportunities to learn new skills. Soak it all in.

Travel by taking on projects that cause you to stretch and grow. Don’t dodge a job because you don’t have the skills; just allow yourself twice as much time to do it, and learn as you go. If you need to learn a new program to make digital movies start a project that requires it.

Travel in your car by listening to stories. This does not work for everybody but it is great for auditory learners.

Be a sponge when you travel. Pay attention, listen, and learn from those around you. That is what successful entrepreneurs do. Look at the world through questing eyes, treat all great businesses you encounter als learning material.

Travel by reading biographies and pay attention to interviews. Try to apply the lessons they learned to your own situation. (It is the next best thing to being there).

Travel by passing it on. I have found that the best way to learn something is to teach it to others. It is also a great way to keep your creativity fresh. It keeps the love of your work alive while providing a service.

Travel by doing. Have you ever met someone who is book smart but has no practical sense? Use what you learn. Test it out. There is no replacement for hands on learning.

Use all your senses when you travel.  The more senses you can attach to a bit of information, the better you’ll remember it. See it, feel it, trace it on the table with your finger, say it aloud, sing it, dance it, taste it in your imagination.

Find yourself in travel.  Take off. Experience life. There is plenty of time. Self knowledge gives you direction and improves your self esteem. Two keys to a better creative business.

Get some culture and round out your travel experiences. You create from the inside out, and it is difficult to create meaningful work when you have no life experiences.

Travel and learn how to do things you have always dreamed of doing.  Travel to other countries allows you to testdrive dream businesses.

Explore your personal interests in travel and see if any of them lead to your next creative business, or at least an exciting life. Test drive various creative business options, have some fun, and don’t have any regrets when you do settle down in a creative business.