The Seven (Bad) Habits of Highly Ineffective Creative Heroines

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. Nobody can sabotage your creative business as well as you can. Why do creative people often become career kamikazes who crash and burn? The right brainer (that is you) is more suspectible to some of the pitfalls and problems that befall many people in business for themselves. It is important to be aware of the dangers that lurk ahead in your creative business and be properly prepared to slay them one by one as they rear their ugly heads.

The Seven Deadly Sins 

  1. Sloth. Procratination, a problem that leaves you a day late and a euro short, and eventually puts you out of work. Failure to do what you say you will, when you say you will do it, will cost you clients, friends, and spouses.
  2. Gluttony. When you want it all, when you can’t say no to any job, you end up torching the candle at both ends, burning out and charring both your reputation and your chance for new business.
  3. Avarice. When it comes to money, there never seems to be enough and there are far too many ways to lose what you have.
  4. Pride. A big head egomania, complacency, selfishness, ‘artistic’ temperament, bad decisions, and bad behavior are very human side effects of success that can knock you from the top to the bottom
  5.  Lust. Sex, drugs and rock ń roll. Creative people are particularly suspectible to addictions of many kinds. It stops being just a matter of perspective when your health, happiness and livelihood become threatened, however.
  6. Lack of discipline. When you are all over the ‘bored’and lack focus and discipline, it is very hard to build a body of work or a meaningful creative business.
  7. Deceit. Be honest with yourself as well as others. Don’t settle for second best. Don’t be afraid to dream, that is your strength. Share your dreams with others, that is your gift.
  1.  Sloth:  Too Little, Too Late

There are several reasons why the right brainer is susceptible to this disease. These include fear of success, fear of failure and fear that it won’t be perfect. There are many more reasons, bu the bottom line in most of them is fear. There are ways to deal with fear. You don’t always have to face it. You can sneak around it, hand it off to someone else, fool it. For instance:

Cram it.  A perfect method for adding drama to life is to wait until the deadline looms large. Do you like the rush of waiting until the last minute? Do you work better under pressure? Creative heroines and heroes are indolent by nature. Left to their own devices, many people’s music would die with them. Sometimes you need a push, or the pressure of an impending deadline, to get you off the couch and into action.

Wait for inspiration. It is a romantic notion that you wait around for an epiphany, that ‘aha’ relevation, and then work like mad to finish. This makes for interesting headlines, but the successful artist works day after day through blocks, bad habits, urges and distractions to create their art. There is no perfect time to begin. Begin now.

Cut it up. When you are faced with a big project, start by cutting it into workable pieces. That does two things: it gives you a beter overall picture of what needs to be done and how everything works together, and it makes it less overwhelming to start.

Take a trip. You know how just before a vacation you can get twice as much done in half the time? You are on a mission. Set up a trip for just after a deadline. Use the extra energy.

Stop making excuses. All I hear from other would be writers is ‘I want to write… but I don’t have an agent, my kids are home from school, my job is too time consuming’. WIth that attitude it is never going to happen. Try saying affirmations every day.  Write your own legend, tell yourself a positive story. ‘I will write ten pages today’. ‘I am the boss of my day’.

Mind over matter.  Tell yourself a powerful story any way you can. Get  in a creative mindset.

List the pros and cons. Pros get things done, take proper steps to beat procrastination, and finish on time. Cons lie and cheat (and do time).