The Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine’s Journey 

Yes, you can try your hand at the business of your dreams without risking your present job or business, your next mortgage payment, or your kid’s future. In The Heroine’s Journey you will discover how meeting your rolemodels and their stories and spending anywhere from one hour to a few days talking about your own story about you and the business you always wanted – can be the first step toward making that dream come true.


A journey to answer a universal anxiety: how can I find work that truly fits my talents, circumstances and interests?



Revolutionary and practical, this hands – on THE HEROINE’S JOURNEY program designed by Peter de Kuster – the founder of the Heroine’s Journey will help you mesh your working life with your deepest sense of self as you learn how to:

  • Plan a “The Heroine’s Journey” of your own in any creative business at any time
  • Build the skills and gather the knowledge you will need to embark on your new creative business
  • Overcome the fear of changing
  • Turn a layoff or other involuntary change into the opportunity of a lifetime
  • Design and create a dream business that doesn’t exist …yet
  • Manage a smooth, safe transition from your present job or business to your dream business
  • Minimize financial risk as you embark on your bold new life