Wanted! Mentors

The Heroine’s Journey Mentors are passionate creative professionals (artists, designers, architects, actors, writers, illustrators etcera).  They love what they do and enjoy talking to others about their business and experiences. If being a The Heroine’s Journey Mentor sounds like something you would like to consider, and you meet the minimum criteria listed below, then please let us know.

Why should I become a The Heroine’s Journey Mentor?

For lots of reasons, but primarily:

  1. To earn supplemental income
  2. To make a difference in people’s lives
  3. To gain valuable credibility in your field

You are a candidate for being a The Heroine’s Journey Mentor if you:

  • Love what you do for a living;
  • Are succesful in making money doing what you love with your business ;
  • Want to make a difference in others peoples’ lives by sharing knowledge, experience, and a little of your time with others who are exploring starting a business, making a career transition, or simply exploring career options;
  • Have the autonomy and interest to keep your profile current, be responsive to connection requests, and personally confirm your availability;

You want to know more about Testdrive Your Dreamjob as a Mentor? Click here. 

You are interested in becoming a The Heroine’s Journey Mentor?  Mail us at peterdekuster@hotmail.nl

Please note: We do not bring on career, life or business coaches or consultants as The Heroine’s Journey mentors. We only bring on experts working directly in specific creative careers for which our clients have interest — such as being an actor, dancer, musician, designer, movie director, writer, illustrator, artist, fashion designer, chef cook etc.