What is “Right” about you?

Success for a creative person can be tremendous. Not just in money, but in creative freedom. Look at the list of highest paid professionals – they are all people who don’t fit in any mold, but they are also people who used that fact to their benefit.

You can do it, too, in your own way, on your own time, reaching your own goals. Unmire yourself from the myths about creative people. Don’t be afraid to look at your strenghts and weaknesses. Face the fact that traditional business management, which is left brain, logical and linear (not to mention rigid, boring and counterproductive) does not work for you. It is not much fun, and if it is not at least a little bit of fun, you are not going to do it. It is that simple. If it is not fast, fun, flexible and easy, you are less likely to embrace it. Be willing to work within a system – as long as it is one you create and one that works wit you as well as for you.

You could even be more wonderful

Creative people can have an insatiable hunger to achieve, create, accomplish. They want to be recognized and heard, receive applause and take home awards. They desire change, to create a body of work, to earn, to make deals. Many people who don’t know what they want actually want too much, too fast.

The key to success is learning how to focus on what is most important. It is counterproductive to try to do too many things at once – nor is it good to focus on only one area of your life. One way to whittle it down (focus) and spread it around (balance) is to choose a top goal for each area of your life.

Take a good, hard look at who you are and what you want from life. Sometimes having everything be just okay, having an adequate job and a moderate life, is the biggest tragedy of all. take the time now to find yourself, so you can live your life without getting lost and make good decisions that will lead you to the success and happiness you desire.

We are all born creative. What happens to us in school shapes how much of that creativity stays with us. Some, despite the best efforts to stamp out the creative spirit, slip through the cracks, creativity intact. You are still not safe. Ninety-eight percent of the people in the world are living the left-brained life. Society tends to reward the left brain (structure, status quo) and reprimand the right brain (chaos, creativity, innovation).

You can stunt your creative spirit with disuse. You cannot lose a talent, but your skills can certainly atrophy. Yet almost any job can be done creatively. What makes any career interesting, exciting and vital is the creative approach you take to it. Happiness comes from finding your greatest gifts and abilities and then developing and using them int he work you do today. In flow.

Feeling ‘Left Out?’  The Left Brain

Each side of the brain processes information, but the two sides process it differently. You are always using both sides of your brain; we use the terms ‘right-brainer’ and ‘left -brainer as a matter of convenience. It is a question of emphasis. The left brain is the timekeeper, the organizer, the linear thinker. Because of it, you are able to get things done – and done on time. Being resourceful and resilient and sticking with something until it is completed requires a lot of left-brained thinking.

The left brain is logical, neat and orderly, a built in editor and critic. It is quite maddening, really. But we need this serious, buttoned down side to take care of all the things the right brain simply does not deal with – and among those things is time management. The left brain can be a little compulsive though. It will want to do the same thing every time. While the right brain can get you lost in the cosmos, the left brain can get you lost in the details. Your left brain is not your enemy. It will get you where you want to go, and it will get you there without wasting time or energy.It is the goal setter, the action heroine.