What is Your Quest?

How  to  Find  Yourself  When  You  Didn’t  Know  You  Were  Lost?

Before  you  can  figure out  your  niche  in  the  creative  scheme  of  things,    you  need  to understand  yourself, your  strenghts  and  weaknesses,  your  true  desires,  your  personal definition  of success.  The  following  questions  are  designed  to  make  you  THINK  about yourself from  various  angles.  Answer  them  quickly.  Put  down  the  first  thing  that pops  into  your  mind  (before  your  left  brain  has  a  chance  to  butt  in).  Don’t  analyze either  the  questions  or  the  answers.  Be  honest  –  nobody  has  to  see  this  but  you. Now:  quick  and  dirty:

Personal   • What  is  your  favorite  time  of  year?   • What  is  your  favorite  hobby?   • What is  your  favorite  getaway  spot?  When  was  the  last  time  you  went   there?   • What social  settings  bring  out  the  best  in  you?  Worst  in  you?  What  is  your  best personality  trait?  Worst?  How  would  your   spouse/partner/best  friend  answer  that?   • What  one  thing  would  you  most  like  to  change  about  your   personality?   • Are  you  a country  person  or  a  city  person?  Do  you  like  more  a   ladiback  lifestyle  of  one  that  is frantic  and  fast  –  paced?   • Are  you  more  comfortable  competing  against  others  or against   yourself?   • Which  is  more  you  –  safe  and  secure  or  reckless  and  risky?   • Which  would  you  rater  be  –  healthy  and  wealthy  or  healthy  and  wise?

Professional  • Do  you  want  more  or  less  travel  in  your  work?   • Where  would  you like to  go?  Would  you  travel  by  land,  air,  sea?   • Would  you  like  to  do  more  or  less public speaking  in    your  work?   • How  much  money  as  an  annual  salary  would  make  you feel   successful?   • Do  you  prefer  to  work  with  your  hands  or  your  mind?  Indoors  or   outdoors?  With  people  or  with  things?     • Which  is  more  challenging,  dealing  with difficult  people  or  difficult   problems?   • What  bores  you? • What  would  you  eliminate from  your  present  job  right  now  if  you   could?   • Do  you  like  to  be  in  charge?  Or  do you  prefer  to  be  the  power  behind   the  throne?   • What  do  you  like  best  about  your work?   • If  you  could  have  anyone’s  job  in  the  world  whose  would  it  be?   • What  is the  most  undesirable  job  you  can  think  of?  • When  do  you  prefer  to  work  – morning,  noon,  or  night?  When  would   you  rather  not  work?  What  days  would  you like  to  have  off?  What   would  be  an  ideal  work  schedule  for  you?   • What  would  you like  to  bring  to  work  that  you  can’t?  Kid?  Dog?   Movie?   • Do  you  prefer  to  work alone  or  in  a  group?  How  much  of  your  day   would  you  like  to  spend  dealing  with people,  and  how  much  would   you  like  to  be  left  alone?   • How  many  projects  can you  handle  at  once?   • Do  you  prefer  stretches  where  you  work  like  crazy  and  then take  a   break,  or  do  you  like  to  pace  yourself  and  limit  your  projects?   • Which  best describes  the  environment  you  would  prefer  to  work  in:   at  home,  in  a  lab,  in  a book  church,  in  a  studio,  outside,  in  an  office,  on   the  road,  on  a  set,  in  a  studio, in a  tall  building,  in  front  of  an  office,  or   some  other  situation?  Big  city  or  small town,  or  small  city/big  town?  Do  you  prefer  to  deal  in  concepts  or  projects?  Which is more   satisfying,  the  process or  the  product?  • List  jobs  you  think  you  would  enjoy doing.  • List  jobs  you  think you could  not/and/or  would  not  do. • What  skills  do  you like  to  use  the  most?   • What task  or  talent  comes  easily  to  you?   • Name  something that  is  always  a  struggle  to do. • What  type  of  people  do  you  enjoy  working  with  the most?   • Do you  prefer  to  work  at  a  fast  pace  or  to  pace  yourself?     • Do  you  like every  day to  be  different,  or  do  you  prefer  to  slip  into  a   consistent  and  comfortable routine?    • Which  motivates  you  more,  money  or  a  mission?

Your  Story    You  have  a  life  story  (if  you  pay  attention  to  it).    Take  a  look  at  the  story  of  your  life  thus  far.

• Write  your  life  story  from  beginning  to  end  (as  if  you  are  very  old  and   have already  achieved  all  the  things  you  want  or  when  you  heard   today  you  will  die  for 80%  sure  and  regret  what  you  haven’t   experienced)   • What  is  something  that  makes you  say  to  yourself  (and  others),  ‘I’ll   never  do  that  again’  • List  five  heroic  stories from  your  past.  And  five  tragic  stories.  Which   was  easier  to  complete?  • Look  at your  past  life  and  ask  yourself  these  questions.  What  do  I   wish  I  had  done  but didn’t  do?  What  have  I  always  wanted  to  do  but   never  go  around  to  doing?    • What are  your  most  powerful  memories  from  childhood,  teenage   years  and  adulthood? Take  a  close  look  at  the  three  memories.  What   do  they  have  in  common?  What  are the  circumstances,  the  people   involved,  the  tasks  you  were  performing,  the  setting, the  time  of  year?        • List  your  most  rewarding  life  experiences  (paid  and  unpaid). Are  you   still  engaging  in  these  activities?  If  not,  why  not?.  How  can  you  bring   these  things  back  into  your  life?  • It  is  important  to  appreciate  all  the  things  you have  and  all  the  things   you  are.  The  more  you  appreciate  all  the  things  you  have going  on  for   you,  the  more  you  love  life.  Make  a  list  of  all  the  things  you  are   grateful  for  in  your  life.  Start  small:  your  health,  a  place  to  live,  a  car,   money  in the  bank,  people  who  love  you.  • Tell  a  story  about  yourself  in  a  perfect  day.  Put  in as  much  detail  as   you  can.  Spend  some  time  and  thought  on  this  one.  Then  pin  it to where  you  see  it  often.  This  is  wheren  you  want  to  live  your  future   life.  This  is the  story  about  where  you’re  going.   • Tell  a  snapshot  story  of  your  life  today.  Do you  like  what  you  do  for  a   living?  Are  you  happy?  Are  you  using  your  talents?  Are you  able  to   create?  Do  you  enjoy  waking  up  on  weekly  mornings?  Is  it  good  to  be   home?   • Do  you  have  enough  money?  Do  you  have  a  goal  for  the  future?          Enjoy your  hero’s  journey!!