What is your Story?

Why “What is your Story?”

It is founded in my belief that there was a better way to inspire the shifts in mindsets and behaviours that create lasting change and move creative people to do great things.

From the diverse worlds of storytellers, designers, innovators, writers I had witnessed the power and influence of storytelling to unite people behind a common purpose, create an emotional connection, improve performance, and empower employees to deliver strategy with energy and commitment.

In my quest to create something different, i’ve used the rare blend of skills to shape a powerful storytelling methodology that has delivered remarkable results for some of the world’s greatest creative people and organisations. Now a flourishing business this  extraordinary depth of experience and pioneering approach has secured  a world-class reputation as a storyteller who really does make change happen.

Why Storytelling?

People use stories to make sense of the world, to tie together our experiences and perceptions. Our stories influence the way we think, feel, act and behave. They do this because:

Storytelling connects people to purpose…

Storytelling helps us find personal meaning in a collective context: emotionally engaging us in a journey bigger than ourselves, giving us reasons to believe in a shared purpose or destination, and powerfully motivating us to play our part in getting there.

Head to heart…

Humans are hardwired to remember and learn from the emotional impact of stories. By weaving abstract facts into a cohesive human narrative of change, adversity and triumph, stories bring meaning and clarity to complex, rational information. By involving real people in real situations, stories build empathy, encouraging us to draw on our own experiences to find common ground with others. In this way, stories win hearts and minds – giving us a reason to care and a reason to change.

And words to action…

People need to feel before they can act. Stories overcome the inertia of the rational brain with the energy of the emotional mind.

We need to be shown a path before we can follow it, but we don’t like to be told when or how to take it. Stories allow leaders to illuminate a route people can discover for themselves, empowered with the belief and capability to move forward as heroes of their own journey.

Why now?

There’s no rulebook for the challenges emerging in today’s fast moving world. As societies, organisations and individuals, we contend with great tides of change that force us into a state of constant renegotiation with what we do and why we do it. We struggle to find purpose or to deliver it; we battle to engage and be engaged. We demand more and we struggle to meet demand.

Regardless of investment in technology or infrastructure, it’s human beings who make businesses great: people who sink or swim with change. In today’s world, the only difference is mindsets and behaviours: how we cling to the past or evolve to meet the future.

Our purpose is to move more people to create great things, using the power and influence of storytelling. As leaders confront the global crisis of talent, battle for standout in saturated markets, strive to deliver more for less, and meaningfully engage their people through seismic industrial shifts, we believe that storytelling has never been more important or more powerful.