Your Creative Life

Judgmental people may complain about your short attention span, calling you scatterbrained, lazy, a slob, self-centered, cynical, impatient, and so on. It takes a toll on even the most secure, and some start believing it. Do not let that be you. Fight back. Remember that you are special – one of 2 percent of the adult population. Remember that you see a bigger world than they do, and move on.

Being an unconventional  person in a conventional world is a small price to pay for the joy of being a creative person. Wear it as a badge of honor. You are one of the chosen ones. Innovators throughout time have come under constant attack from critics. What it boils down to is fear and jealousy. They will never have what you have. They will never be what you can be.

There is always a bigger risk of failure when you branch out, but i would rather risk it. It keeps me from falling asleep. There are a lot of risks with following a creative career path. Rewards do not come without risks, and it is fortunate that the creative heroine is built to be able to withstand the pressures. The option is to sit at home and watch others living their dreams on TV. It is not a hard choice but it is one you have to make.

To make it as creative heroine, to make your money doing what you love, you must have that fire in the belly, that burning desire to succeed. You must believe that no matter what the odds, no matter what others say, you will persevere. You will do what it takes. You will learn to do the business stuff, the networking, the planning. You will bounce back from rejection, depression and obsession. Because disappointments, highs and lows, and critics are everywhere. Not everything will feel like a masterpiece (or even be well received). In a way, that is good. You will keep trying to improve.