Your Creative Mind

Creativity and creative careers involve a whole brain story, an interaction between the left hemisphere of your brain (the detail-oriented, accountant side) and the right hemisphere (the big picture, artistic side). The right brain comes up with the ideas and the left brain implements them. Too much right brain and nothing gets done; too much left brain and life is dull and uninspiring.


As a creative heroine, you are absolutely unique (and wonderful). There has never been anyone like you and there never will be again. Ponder that for a moment. Beneath all the self-doubt, guilt, fear, remorse and distorted beliefs is a gem of a person who, more than anything, deserves to be happy, successful and fulfilled. To have a career that is rewarding and challenging. A career that fits like a glove and is such a joy that you would do it for free – but is so valuable to others that you are paid well. And why not? You have found your place in the universe, you are making a contribution with your talent and creativity.

Once you understand yourself and what work you enjoy doing, you can work with your natural abilities and tendencies rather than against them. It makes life much easier. This is something that is unique to you. It is what will work best for you. So don’t breeze past the questions in this guide. Make the time to really give some thought to who you are, what you want to do, and what would be the best way to go about doing it. I have always said that to find yourself you need to get lost. you need time for reflection, away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life, to open yourself to new possibilities.

Do you honestly love what you do now? Are you excited to go to work on monday? Do you go home happy? If you answered no to any of these questions, there is a better way.

The following quiz gives you an indication of where your creative tendencies lie – left brain, right brain or whole brain. Answer honestly and quickly. Don’t dwell on the answers and do not try to figure out where we are looking for. There is no ‘right answer’.

  1.  When it comes to emotions                                                                                                                    a.  I can articulate my feelings to others                                                                                       b.  I am better at expressing my emotions through my work
  2.   I have always been told                                                                                                                        a. I would make a great accountant                                                                                                    b. I was a natural born artist
  3.  Success is                                                                                                                                                  a. closely related to annual income                                                                                                    b. unrelated to the money I make
  4.  When trying to explain how I came up with an idea                                                                         a. I am able to put in into terms others can understand                                                            b. I feel like an alien from another planet.
  5.  When I am working on a project                                                                                                          a. I am not happy until it is done                                                                                                       b. I enjoy the process
  6.  It is a beautiful summer day, but I have work to do. I will   a. get my work done first and then go to the beach   b.  go to the beach and deal with my work later
  7. When it comes to a big project, my strength is in seeing  a. The worm’s eye view (details)  b.The bird’s eye view (the big picture)
  8.  When I have several unfinished projects going on at once, I feel  a.  frustrated  b. stimulated
  9. When it comes to decorating my office   a.  I find an arrangement that works and stick with it  b.  I rearrange everything at least every six months
  10.  Multitasking for me is  a. doing two things at once  b.  doodling, talking on the phone, sending an email, searching for a file in a teetering pile of work on my desk, watching a movie, reading a book, and sorting through my mail on Linkedin at once.
  11.  Before I speak   a. I think it through and censor it in my head   b.  I say the first thing that pops into my head
  12. When it comes to problem solving   a.  I analyze things from a logical perspective  b. I consult my ‘gut’ for an answer
  13.  My car is a.  practical and safe  b. stylish and fun to drive
  14.  I am best at remembering  a. names  b. faces
  15.  Whenever there is a crisis in my life,   a.  I retreat into myself and try to solve it on my own b.
  16.  In making decisions,  a.  I tend to focus on the actualities  b. I tend to focus on the possibilities
  17. When someone asks about my vacation  a. I give them names and places and brag about how much I saved on airfare (elapsed time, three minutes)  b.  describe in intricate detail how wonderful it felt to be away, and talk about all the things I saw, the wonderful people I met, and the fun I had (elapsed time, three hours)
  18. I am a natural born   a. learner  b. teacher
  19. If I had two yearlong projects to choose from, I’d pick   a. an analysis of the company’s past and future profit centers  b.  working on the company’s marketing materials
  20. When I meet a prospective client or employer,   a .  I have a written list of questions to cover b. I talk off the top of my head, taking my cue from them
  21. I believe  a. you can make things happen through sheer force of will  b. there is a force in the universe that brings things together
  22. My idea of organization is  a. making a list of all the things to be done and then prioritizing the tasks  b. playing with my Post-it Notes, putting them on the wall in some sort of order
  23. I am ready to leave for work, and  a. I know exactly where my car keys are  b. I go on a search and destroy mission until the keys turn up (in the fridge)
  24. When I log on to the internet, I do it with  a.  a plan and a purpose; get in, get out  b.  a sort of stream of consciousness, pausing to look at whatever catches my fancy
  25.  When researching a project  a.  I find as many books and articles as I can and read them from front to back  b.  I ask someone for tips on the best places to look and skim those

In the above quiz  a. answers count zero,  b. answers count 1. If your total is 8 or less you might read this guide for somebody else because you are a serious left brainer. A total of 9 to 15 indicates a fairly balanced whole brain approach to the world. You will go far if you can learn to loosen up a little. With a total over 15 you can consider yourself a right brainer with all the blessings and curses attached thereto.