Your Heroine’s Journey Book

Your Company, Your People, Your Stories, Your Book

Are you a creative company or professional who wants to tell the world about your quest, your talents and your products?

The Heroine’s Journey is revolutionising the way we think about getting your story about you and your creative business out their moving your clients: a biographer for every creative professional.

Peter de Kuster and his team will make sure that you get the word out about who you are and what you do. Your story about your incredible creative work is successfully published in YOUR BOOK.

Three Easy Steps

1.  Exploring your Company Story

You meet with  Peter to talk about the story you want to tell about your company and its mission. How telling the stories of your people about their passion for their work contribue to this mission as powerful as possible; authentic, goal directed, inspiring and moving yourself and your audience. You will explore with Peter which audience you want to reach, who are the opinion leaders for this audience and how best get your story out there.

2. The Questionnaire and stories of your people

Your people tell their story about their passion for their work by filling in the questionnaire.  You send us the pictures of your people made by a professional photographer you want to have in your book.  You will receive the concept version of the book.  You will have a telephone or skype call with Peter about corrections.

3. Books

Your beautiful hardcover books in color will be delivered to you. You will receive a digital edition which you can distribute indefinitely. We will publish your story on The Heroine’s Journey online to the 200.000 creative professionals worldwide who follow this project. Also we bring attention for your book, the story about you and your creative business on a one on one base to the opinionleaders of the audience you want to reach.


The published exemplars of your wonderful hardcover  book will be delivered within two or three weeks with you at home.  From start to finish the process takes about twelve weeks, depending the length of the book.


Peter de Kuster


Story teller Peter de Kuster is the founder of The Hero’s Journey and The Heroine’s Journey project.  His strength is in getting stories of creative professionals powerfully across. As speaker and writer he knows to get the essentials of stories at the surface and communicate it with ease and authenticity.

For more information contact Peter by calling him at 0031 – 6-33661772 or mail him at