Your Turn

This guide will tell you how to test drive your dream job by creating a Heroine’s Journey by your own. It will tell you how to find a mentor, how to prepare for the Heroine’s Journey, and, most important, what to do when the Heroine’s Journey is over. It will map out the small steps you can take to move from where you are now to where you really want to be.

Along your Heroine’s Journey in Paris you will mee creative heroines from past and present who have done it successfully. You will hear from them and many others about the fears and challenges, the mistakes and lucky breaks, the surprises and accomplishments they experienced as they moved in to their dream careers.

You will see that few of these people describe themselves as risk takers. They at some point reached a point where they felt they had no choice other than to push past their fears and follow their passion.

What helped many of them was realizing that the risks they needed to take where not as overwhelming as the ones they had imagined. The scariest moments, quitting a job, signing a bank loan, moving cross country, did not occur until they were already far along on their journey, or even until after their career was already up and running. It was still scary, it was still a risk, but it was a calculated risk. By the time they took it, they felt they were likely to succeed.